I dreamed I had long hair

Other women have hair dreams, not me. I’ve read of women who dreamed they were straightening their hair, going bald, like that. These kinds of hair dreams seem to help the dreamer release or expose a fear she may not be able to feel when awake. My dream, the first hair dream I’ve ever had, wasn’t about fear and it was very short.

I was looking in the mirror in the bathroom. My hair was down, looked like I had taken it down from a bun and fluffed it out. It was white and fluffy, bushy and frizzy, and somewhat straight from the bun rather than curly like a wash and go. And it fell right to the middle of my arm between shoulder and elbow. In the dream I am surprised to see myself like this, and pleased.

This dream may be about more than hair, I think. This dream is a vehicle my subconscious used to bring me a sense of abundance, to reach within me and draw forth my richness and connection to wealth. Yup. Long hair is all that, at least in my dream.


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