Hair Q &A: Hair in a cold, cold climate

Q: My daughter has a hair type EXACTLY like yours, and I am @ a loss for what to try in her hair. We live in a very cold climate so I am opposed to wetting her hair daily, but NO matter what I do her hair comes out looking like an oversized cotton ball. When wet it is eerily similar to your hair type but swells into frizz. HELP!! BTW you have a beautiful mind and beautiful hair! Thanks Sis!

A: Thanks so much for your kind words, I felt really good reading them.

Cold climates are usually dry and that’s the challenge. I think I’ll write a post on this topic (see previous post). If your daughter’s hair is similar to mine, her hair could get puffy and frizzy for 2 possible reasons:

1) The hair itself doesn’t contain enough moisture so when it draws atmospheric moisture it swells. If you’re in a cold climate this means the hair is very dry. In a warm, humid climate it doesn’t mean your hair is dry, only that it’s dryer than the air.

2) Using the wrong conditioning and/or styling products or not enough product, or not applying them correctly.

To correct #1, co-wash and condition your daughter’s hair frequently, at least 2 times a week, and use deep conditioners every other week. In the cold weather, shea butter is very effective on my hair. I rub some in my palms and scrunch it right over my wet hair that has conditioner or a leave in conditioner. I also use a soft gel to hold my texture and help keep the moisture in. And by moisture I don’t mean keep the hair wet, just hydrated when it’s dry.

For #2, click on the links below for some very helpful information on styling and hair care. And if your daughter’s hair is truly like mine, put down the brush and comb when distributing products. Fingers only! Use a large toothed comb only for conditioner detangling.

My seasonal product routines are in my hair journal. Important to note too, is that my hair when worn down goes hardly anywhere without gel. I use “soft” gels. Excellent all year round gels: Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (not a custard, a gel); Theraneem Leaf & Aloe Vera Gel (marketed as a body lotion); and Giovanni LA Naturals gel. has some excellent threads for 4a hair and transitioners:

Transitioners support thread
4b/4a Guide to Basic hair care

Curlisto Styling your Hair Video – Tight to Kinky Curls

This is essentially my styling method, except of course, no comb or brush or clips. I just section with my fingers and hope for the best. I am lucky to get it.


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