3-day hair and 3 days of working out – Touchdown!

Hair at the start of day 3. This is the side I sleep on.

I rediscovered a great multi-day combo that withstood 3 days of an 11-hour per day fitness training intensive called a NIA White Belt. A lot of sweating was done – 2 formal classes a day plus many more moving and sweating opportunities during the training. The kind of workshop that requires a change of workout clothes from the skin out, or you walk around with wet clothing.

On Day 1 after my usual wash and condition, I scrunched in shea butter over the conditioner and cold water rinsed. I then gently smoothed/raked in Abba Pure Gentle (formerly Nourishing) with a little Knot Today, then scrunched in more shea butter on ends. Squeezed out drippies with Curls like Us cloth then gelled with KCCC. I try to do a gentle product application because my texture is defined after the cold water rinse. But it won’t last for more than a day without more product. Shea butter is my new dry/cool weather best friend.

With a 7:30 a.m. start there was no time to dry. So I proceeded to work out and sweat into my very damp, loose hair. It shrunk quite a bit, but there was absolutely no frizz. Finally it dried late evening and I did my regular loose pony for sleep.

Abba Pure Gentle Conditioner and leave-in, Shea Terra Organics Shea Gold Shea Butter,
Kinky-Curly Knot Today, Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.

Next day I did the regular refresh and flush with a little Set It Free and some shea butter. For the classes, I put it into a pony. When I got home around 8pm, I took it down to dry the sweat near my scalp, but put it back into a pony again for sleep. I wore it out today to start; same drill with the puff for the workout.

I want to stick with this product combo for awhile. With a success rate like this you think I would. But being a PJ means there are no guarantees. I could switch up tomorrow.



  1. Her stuff is really good! I haven't found anything better quality or selection than Shea Terra's regional pure shea butters, and I love the baobab oil. I'm a repeat customer for 2 years now.

  2. I love SheaTerra products!! They have a factory near the Dulles airport in VA. Next time I'm there I will be stoppinh by

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