What is Up With Those Darn Grays!

Kinise contacted me about her desire for a gray look and how hard it is to control her gray hairs:

Q. I have such a challenge with my hair. I have had white hair since high school– just a few streaks at  first. Now the entire front is white with about 10 strands of black in the center front- oh- I guess I now have a black streak in the front.  Now it’s sooooooo unruly- resistant to perm- resistant to color–
when I use curling irons or flat irons it turns yellow- when I shampoo with the purple shampoo, my hair turns purple or lavender.
I dyed the back of my hair black–blue black-
and now I am just not sure what I am going to do-
I wear a wig- my natural hair is arm pit length braided- It’s layered- and half relaxed- half natural-
that’s my story-but your hair is beautiful-
I was just about to color it all black-
I am 47 now, over half my life I have had white hair for more than 30 years- and I think I look younger with my hair colored- of course-
but you look fabulous–
I know I am just rambling now- but I have never seen a woman with hair like yours- funky and yet sophisticated at the same time–
So I guess I will hang on for a while longer and leave the color and chemical alone.

Thank You for your inspiration.

A.   Kinise, if you truly want that look — THEN GO AFTER IT! Give your soul and spirit what they thirst for.

Gray hair is indeed resistant. Mine was more wiry and it was grizzled/crispy in some places, but no more.  It responds very well to frequent conditioning; in fact it drinks it up. It loves butters and aloe vera too.

I don’t think gray hair likes heat, which is why the curling iron is yellowing it. And I don’t use the blue/purple shampoo because I co-wash mostly. Too much shampooing dries the hair out. I do use Roux Fanci-Full  Temporary  Color Rinse in White Minx, every so often. It’s a leave in more than a mousse. I plan to switch to a red-gold corrector from Sally’s added to my usual conditioner. Gray curlies over at www.naturallycurly.com have been having success with that and it seems easier.

If your hair is half-relaxed, half-natural and you want to fully transition to natural, do that first. I was fully natural from 2006. Then rather suddenly, I decided to let the gray grow out in 2008 after seeing the Going Gray Looking Great Blog. The gray transition was hard, I won’t lie; but there are ways to get through it. You can see photos of my transition on my Fotki

Thanks for reaching out.


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