30-day No Buy Product Detox – Blessings from my stash

I started a product detox right after Labor Day with some sister curlies on www.naturallycurly.com. The rules were no buying unless it was to replace something used up.  I’m not calling it a challenge because that word for me is an invitation to fail.

Couple of things going against me – for one, new product releases:  Curl Junkie,  Curlisto’s  new line for tight curls/kinks, and Jonathan Torch’s new incredible unshrinking leave in. For two, the Hairveda sale in mid-September.

What I had going for me: I had just ordered some stuff before beginning the detox. What — you thought the Post-Labor Day timing was coincidental?  I wanted to catch the sales!  Also, I have a really short attention span. If a product catches my eye, unless I buy it immediately chances are I’ll forget about it for a while and the urge fades.  There are some benefits to aging and ADD after all.

Thirty days not buying any hair products, I thought I would have to bite the bullet and  would feel severely deprived. Yes, there were times when I was pulled into a forum discussion or review and yearned to click “buy”.  But then I would do something else, and the feeling would pass.  Then I started digging into my stash and rediscovered the products in my closet, right under my nose.

I have a rather impressive stash. And they’re all good products that work for me.  I don’t keep the clunkers around. Here are some jewels I dug out:

  • Qhemet Biologics Olive Honey Hydrating Balm – wonderful to soften, hydrate and detangle 2nd, 3rd day hair –  as a moisture boost in a wash and go, and for bunning and bantu knots. I’m loving this stuff! Why did I shelve it?
  • Abba Pure Gentle conditioner – With 2 32-oz bottles, I’m set for another year (more like two). A great leave in if a little Qhemet or castor oil is layered over.
  • Afro Detangler – I have about 2 ounces left and I’m using it all up; great for protective bantu knotting at night
  • Kinky Curly Curling Custard – my love affair with Onesta Sculpting gel had shelved a full 16 oz jar of this
  • DevaCurl Set Up and Above – nice smoother and dry hair refresher when mixed with Set it Free
  • Loma Pearatin Fortifying Repairative Serum – yup, it’s got the cones, but a tiny drop of this on dry hair – sweet!
  • Davines Momo Moisturizing Curl Enhancing Serum

And there is so much more. I won’t have to buy deep conditioners or conditioners for awhile. I’m good for shampoos and cleansers for at least six months.

Rather than feeling deprived and needy, I’m feeling this deep and warm sense of gratitude. I feel at peace and content with what I have.  So much so that I renewed the Detox right after Columbus Day, until October 30th. Another 18 days seems pretty doable. I’m thinking about renewing it in 15-day increments. So easy! Sort of like a “just for today” for hair products.

This is a time for me to declutter, to unpack and examine the blessings I have.  And take a break from my needy Product Junkie.  Big sigh of release!



  1. Great job! I’m still a conditioner junkie but only for cheap things I can get on the ground. I really do think my PJism is cured for the most part. (It’s been replaced by Hair accessorism, LOL). Sometimes, I think I’ll try something new but just can’t seem to pull the trigger to buy. Like you, I’m fairly content with my my main products. When I get the urge to try something new, I revisit things that are in the product closet that weren’t detrimental to my hair but also didn’t do a heck of a lot for it either. Finding out that some that I didn’t work the first time around, I’m actually making use of the second time around.

  2. Goodfor you! I think you know that I’m too cheap to be a product junkie, but even I, at times, feel burdened by the desire to buy new things. It can be deeply satisfying to simplify for awhile — to just use up what you already have. Glad you are enjoying it!

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