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It’s not all about me. That would be boring, right? Get your post featured on Starry Elven Twins! Send me your observations, hair news, experiences, tips you want to share.  Hot sale happening?  Bring it!  Did you just achieve a hot hairstyle?  Send me a photo and small write-up and rock it here! Had a bad hair day?  Let us give you {{{hugs}}}.   If it’s important to you, chances are other curlies and naturals will benefit.  If it fits in any of these categories, tell me about it! Include your name (the one you want published) and your website or URL if you have one. Your e-mail address will not be published, given away or sold.

  • Bad Hair Ideas – self-explanatory.  Anything you see in the news:  a look, product, whatever.
  • Big Chop – What’s your story? Why’d you do it?  Did you do it yourself or go to a pro?  Was it impulsive or thought out? Any blowback or positive reactions? How does it feel now?
  • Cheap Thrills – Great low-cost products.  Include a photo and a link.  You must be a regular user of these products and give a short description of why they are great.  Do they out-perform a more expensive product?  Even better!
  • Connections – How hair connects you to or distances  you from others
  • Discount Days – Know of a hair product sale going on?  Include manufacturer, Promo codes and expiration dates and link, please.
  • Gray hair – It can’t just be me!  Who else is a silver fox? Tell your story!
  • Growing hair – Trials, tribulations, challenges, successes.  What works, what doesn’t?  Are growth products just bunk  or are you a true believer?
  • Hair accessories – See some hot ones? Include photos and a link
  • My Best Hair Day – Help others learn from your successes!  Send a photo, tell us what you did, why it was a triumph, and how you did it.
  • My Worst Hair Day – Help others learn from your mistakes!  Send a photo, tell us what you did, why it was an epic fail, and what you would do differently.
  • Naturally Curly Hair in the News
  • Hot hair products – you must have used them at least 5 times to submit a write-up or review
  • Hair Questions – Send me your hair questions.  Chances are I have an answer, in which case I’ll post it
  • Hair recipes – what are your favorites?
  • Hair routines – What is your tried and true go to?
  • Hair and your Emotions – How does natural hair make you feel better?  How does it make you feel worse? Got hair envy or trouble accepting what you have?  Tell me about it.
  • Say It Girl!
  • Styled or Wild? The Poll – Just send a suitable photo – how easy is that?
  • Great Salons – who, what, where and why you love your stylist
  • Texture – wide open subject
  • Today’s Quote –  you know, if you feel like channeling Ben Franklin
  • Transitioning – your story, your lessons, your tips


Submissions become the property of Starry Elven Twins™ and Suburbanbushbabe™.  By sending your submission you approve usage for publication purposes.

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