Lorraine Massey – What did you do to your hair today?

Cala Renee Salon hosted Lorraine Massey, founder and co-owner of Devacurl in a talk, demo and book signing today.  Lorraine appeared at only 2 Massachusetts locations, Cala Renee in Beverly, MA and Brookline Booksmith.  Lucky us!  She is funny, modest, gave some great tips — and check out the tights and shoes!  I got 2 Curly Girl books autographed, one for me and one for one lucky winner of my upcoming giveaway; so stay tuned!

During her informal Q&A  I asked her – “what did you do to your hair today?”  Her answer surprised me a bit.  She washed and styled the night before with her gel, and diffused.  She said she left the gel “cast” on (that hard crusty feel) and slept with her hair spread back on the pillow.  This morning she let it soften in the shower and scrunched out the crunch.  She doesn’t use a shower cap but doesn’t let it get wet-wet; just a bit of spray.  So check out her 2nd day hair.  She also said she can go 3-4 days by just refreshing curls piece by piece with Devacurl One Condition and water or a mix of Mist-er Right. She doesn’t do every curl, just the ones that need it.  This method is almost exactly what I do with Loma Imply and Qhemet Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm. Sweet!


Quick pony/pineapple with twisted & pinned front hair - I'm trying this for sleeping

I'm 5'8 and Lorraine in high heels must be 5'4"

Love the tights and shoes!



Devacurl Cupcake tower





  1. You mentioned 2 different salons in the Boston area. Are either of them your salon? If so which one? And if not, what salon do you go to for a layered or Deva-type cut?

    • I go to Cala Renee for my curly cuts. She and Erin are the 2 Deva Concepts trained stylists.

  2. […] I think it’s safe to thank my hair fairies, Lorraine Massey and Ouidad on this one. Despite the trauma of having my foot sliced open in two […]

  3. Girl, I didn’t know you were that tall! lol What a great photo of you and LM.

    • I’m not that tall, only 5;8″; Lorraine is height-challenged:-) but a huge, lovely personality.

  4. I was sitting to your left at the event! So great to find your blog! You’ve not only BEAUTIFUL hair, you’re an inspiration. All the best!

  5. I so wanted to go, but no babysitter. I have barely shampooed my hair since August. I now only use a no sulfate, organic, vegan shampoo if I feel like I need to shampoo, otherwise I just scrub my scalp and let the water do it ‘s thing. I would love to have met Lorraine. She has helped to make me really like almost love my curls and that is saying a lot since I had super short hair to get rid of the curl.

    • Vegan shampoo? Please share the name! I’ve been using Onesta conditioner which is vegan — or at least I think it is.

  6. You are right. The tights are awesome! I adore the lime green frosting on the cupcakes!

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