White Mischief – the drink, not the movie

White Mischief from http://www.colincowie.com

This tequila-based drink is on my to be mixed list – White Mischief – courtesy of http://www.colincowie.com.  I first saw it in People Magazine, gave the page to a bartender to mix.  Pity, she didn’t have the ingredients. So she riffed off of it.  I’m going to shake this baby myself.


White Mischief


2 oz Alma Reposado Tequila
1 oz Pear puree
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz agave nectar
Sombre Mezcal
Tarragon sprig


    Shake all ingredients except the Mezcal. Rinse the Martini glass wit the Mezcal* and discard. Strain the elixir into the glass. Take the sprig of tarragon and give it a good smack to release the aromatics of the plant. Place on top of the drink as the garnish.

    Glassware: Martini.

    Garnish: Tarragon sprig

    Note: Mezcal has a smoky quality to it that lends just one more layer of complexity to such a well-balanced cocktail.

    As for the movie — if you are looking for a devilish, decadent Out of Africa-type movie,  White Mischief is for you. Charles Dance and Greta Scacchi starred. There was a bath scene, I think. Dance was seriously hot.

    Charles Dance and Greta Scacchi in White MIschief




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