New Product Review: Just Great Curls

Been a while since I reviewed a product.  As a somewhat reformed product junkie, I don’t any more — not at first, second, or even eighth use.  After almost 5 years as a natural curly and literally hundreds of products used, it takes a lot to impress me these days.  Just Great Curls from Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials is doing it for me.  I got a free bottle as thanks from an editorial contact, loved it at first use, said “okay” and continued to use.

After using half the bottle, I knew it was time to re-stock.  Naturally Curly had a review, but their Curlmart doesn’t carry it?  Hmm.  Google-time.  Well folks, this is a Canadian product available at Delineation Essentials’ web site. And it was out of stock.  Week after week, “out of stock.”  Desperate and down to a third of a bottle, I called them.  They were in production and promised to call me in a few weeks when Just Great Curls was back in stock.  That was maybe a month ago.  Yes, a third of a bottle lasted almost a month. I still have a tablespoon left.

Finally, I got a call today.  It’s back in stock and they are having a buy 3 get one free sale!  This is not listed on the website as yet, so if you are interested give ’em a call.  The price is CAD $25.00 per 250ml bottle, and I’m getting four, one of them free. Shipping to the US is CAD $19.00

At first glance the look and feel and ingredients resemble Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle.  I happened to be have both Just Great Curls and CIAB in my stash at the same time, and had been using CIAB for a month or so.  It’s a very nice product.  There are long, sweeping sagas of threads at Curltalk that rave on it. So why am I stuck on Just Great Curls?  It’s more syrupy, has more flower extracts.  It imparts more moisture.  It is a glaze-y, syrupy, clear curl definer, not a gel.

Ingredients:  Aqua, polyquarternium-70, hydroxethylcellulose, urtica doica (nettle) extract, arnica montana flower extract, naturium officinale flower/leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, sage leaf extract, wheat amino acids, panthenol, PEG-60 almond, glycerides, PEG-33, PEG-8 dimethicone, PEG-14 Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, diazoldinyl urea, lodopropynyl buylcarbarnate.

It starts out really natural, except for the polyquat-70, then those “PEGs” start to add up.  Don’t care; this stuff is great.  And whatever polyquaternium-70 is, my hair loves it.

What I like:

  • Sinks into my hair and defines, yet I don’t need to use a lot
  • Combines beautifully with any leave-in I have used, and oils and butters
  • I can use it over gel, under gel, combined with gel for longer lasting definition
  • It softens gels
  • My porous hair loves wheat amino acids in a leave-in
  • It seems to have a heavy molecular weight and weighs down my hair, but without gooping it up or coating it in any way.

What’s not to like: $25 frikkin Canadian dollars a bottle and CAD $19 to ship, and it’s not available anywhere in the US.

You lucky Toronto curlies can hie off to 1110 Yonge Street and stock up. The rest of us have to on-line it.


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  1. Your hair is stunning! It’s been a while since you posted, and I’d love a photo update!!! Check out my natural hair care blog too!


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