The Privileged Few – Happy Thanksgiving…

The World Population melted down.  100 Sampled individuals

80 would live in poverty
70 would be literate
50 would suffer hunger and malnutrition
1 would be dying
1 would be being born
1 would own a computer
1 would have a University degree

If you’ve never experienced the horror of war, the solitude of prison, the pain of torture and were not close to death from starvation, then are better off than 500 million people.

If you can go to your place of worship without fear that someone will assault or kill you, then you are luckier than 3 Billion people.

If you have a full fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are wealthier than 75% of the world’s population

If you currently have money in the bank, in your wallet and a few coins in your purse, you are one of the 8 privileged few amongst the 100 people in the world.


I’ll be back soon, I promise

Focusing on the job search has distracted me.  I need a day job to fund my passions,  natural hair being one of them.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I didn’t. Instead, I got laid off today. I’m sharing it here because a few weeks or months from now I want to return and see in print exactly how I felt this day…surprisingly, pretty darn good!

Yes, there was shock. Being in a room with five others experiencing the same thing. My mind distanced itself from my body a bit and went into auto-pilot.  It became difficult to write my information or hear what the outplacement guy was saying. My body just wanted to stay still and recover.

After that — I felt free. My body recovered, my mind linked back and I started to feel almost–exhuberant.  My mind was planning, checklisting…thinking, even as I packed my stuff and talked with the operations manager and my supervisor. No awkwardness whatsoever.  It also seemed that each person involved was doing their part in a caring, thoughtful way.  The only jarring note was the HR Director, who is always on-site during layoffs, was linked in by phone due to some plane issues (Icelandic volcano-caused, I think).

In the coming week, I’ll be updating my LinkedIn profile and requesting the recommendations my managers offered (while the memory and the guilt of laying me off are still fresh). I may do a Youtube elevator pitch or introduction.  I’ll contact the outplacement firm and begin to update my resume. I already called my former life coach and asked her to work with me again for 3 months. And I have a spot reserved in an upcoming small 6-week peer support group of career changes/job seekers called Success Teams.

I will also be grieving the loss of the physical act of going to work and working with the wacky, strange and wonderful guys on my team.  After almost 11 years of working for this company, I know I need to find or create a new structure, fast. It helps that I have a fast approaching deadline and an article to write.  Check out my latest on — I interviewed  three rockstars of the curly world on curl highlighting techniques — Christo, creator of the Curlisto haircare line, Denis Da Silva of Devachan, and Antonio Gonzales, master stylist at Orlando Pita Salon and a blogger and columnist for

I got laid off, but I feel like life is good. I feel taken care of.  It feels like God cleared the decks, gave me a soft landing and created a safe, open space for me to do…what? Follow him, and create whatever he tells me to.

I dreamed I had long hair

Other women have hair dreams, not me. I’ve read of women who dreamed they were straightening their hair, going bald, like that. These kinds of hair dreams seem to help the dreamer release or expose a fear she may not be able to feel when awake. My dream, the first hair dream I’ve ever had, wasn’t about fear and it was very short.

I was looking in the mirror in the bathroom. My hair was down, looked like I had taken it down from a bun and fluffed it out. It was white and fluffy, bushy and frizzy, and somewhat straight from the bun rather than curly like a wash and go. And it fell right to the middle of my arm between shoulder and elbow. In the dream I am surprised to see myself like this, and pleased.

This dream may be about more than hair, I think. This dream is a vehicle my subconscious used to bring me a sense of abundance, to reach within me and draw forth my richness and connection to wealth. Yup. Long hair is all that, at least in my dream.

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