Styled? Or Wild? You Be the Judge

I know I’m supposed to be impartial — but if I saw this chick walking down the street, I’d give her a dollar.


Poll: Styled? Or Just Wild?

Monet is the Winner!

Congratulations to Monet, the winner of the PhytoSpecific Revitalizing Oil giveaway. Her “Styled or Wild” photos submissions were exactly on point. And I plan on posting them in the coming week — be sure to visit, subscribe, and judge for yourself.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Giveaway! Styled or Wild? Is it Pure Hotness or Just a Hot Mess?

Happy Easter, Curlies! Didn’t find an Easter egg with a prize? Here’s a bigger chance to win!

The  lucky winner of the upcoming Styled or Wild? Is it Hotness or Just a Hot Mess  feature will win the following prize:

PhytoSpecific Revitalizing Oil Pre-Shampoo (Retail value: $30.00) has more information

To qualify: For a chance to win, submit 2 photos  — one of a  hot natural do (curly, protective, Afro, locs, etc.) you’d wear in a hot minute, and one that is just plain out of control.   I’ll run the winning entry on my blog and you win the goodies! Styled or Wild is planned as a repeating feature. If you show your interest by send in an entries, I’ll be doing another giveaway soon! Ya know?

Deadline for Entries  – Extended to Tuesday April 13th.

Send your entries to

The fine printTo be a valid entry, photos submitted in Jpeg format only must be included and the following terms must be met. By submitting content for this giveaway you grant Starry Elven Twins and Suburbanbushbabe all rights to use your submission.  You acknowledge that the content you submit is yours to provide and does not break any copyright laws.  If the photo’s ownership is in question, your entry must include that information as well as the location of origin so that Starry Elven Twins blog can verify usage and/or edit the photo as necessary.

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