You can find me on Pinterest these days

You can find me on Pinterest these days

Hello, friends,

My interests have broadened since I achieved a peaceful and stable relationship with my hair. So as you can see, I am not posting very much.  I do have a few hair boards on Pinterest — one for grays, one for hair, one for my hair product staples, and one for stuff  I want to try.  Feel free to check it out!

I may still occasionally post here as well.  I am working on a concept for a website that covers all my growth areas and subjects that may interest others:

  • making difficult life changes from the heart that bring us closer to love and being loved,
  • health/life  coaching and counseling,
  • how movement made me more aware of and helps integrate my physical, mental, spirit and emotional bodies;
  • mental health/brain chemistry and its effect on what we eat,
  • The difficulties and joys of intimacy and relationship,
  • Being present and vibrant in the stage of life I am in
  • Hair,
  • and more.


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